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In a workshop setting, there is more time to explore a particular theme or idea.  Participants can ask questions and give feedback and the group can get to know one another.  It is a wonderful learning environment.  If you are interested in purchasing these recordings from previous workshops I have given, please contact me.

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How do we face the everyday challenges life throws at us?  

Do we see our limitations as barriers or gateways?

In lying down and letting go, can we rekindle sturdier foundations for getting up and moving forward?

Who said Feldenkrais was not a workout?

This more vigorous series will set you back on your feet time after time...

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Enjoy moving confidently

with a feeling of vitality and freedom whether it be golfing, swimming, walking, laughing or singing.

Pelvic Floor & More

Pay attention to the subtle coordination of breath, abdominals, pelvic floor, spine and hips to improve both your power and your strength.

Catch your Breath

We breathe all the time, mostly unaware of doing it. 

So, how can we become friends with our breath and use it to track the other patterns of holding and tension that we may currently not be aware of? 

Four short Feldenkrais® lessons on how we can work with our breath, how our breath works for us 

and how not to interfere.

No experience necessary (we all have years of experience breathing)

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